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Q: How long do garage door openers last?

A: Depending on its make & model, a garage door opener can last 10-15 years after its initial installation. However, if you maintain a schedule of routine maintenance – lubricating the chain every 6 months, checking the tracks for misalignment, and fixing mechanical problems as they arise – your garage door opener can potentially last 20 years or more.

A new lift master garage door opener
LiftMaster makes great options for new openers.

But, no matter how well you take care of your garage door opener, like all machines with moving parts, it will eventually break down and need to be replaced. When exactly that happens can depend on how often you use your garage door and the date it was manufactured. If you use your garage door opener daily, that will speed up its decline if you’re not diligent in its maintenance.

At PNG Garage Doors, we regularly service garage door openers for chain lubrication, spring replacement, and fine-tuning to extend the life of your garage door opener. If you’re living in the Denver metro area and are having problems opening and closing your garage door, a PNG technician can find the source of the problem and fix it on-site.

If your garage door opener is nearing the end of its lifecycle, we may recommend replacing it with a newer model. Here are 6 signs that you should consider upgrading your garage door opener.

6 Signs you may need to replace your Garage Door Opener.

1) Your garage door opener isn’t fitted with motion sensors for automatic reversal

Since 1993, all garage door openers have been required by law to have motion sensors installed for safety. If the sensors detect anything in the way of the garage door as it closes, they will automatically reverse the door.  You can usually find these sensors six inches above the ground, attached to each track. If your door does not have these sensors, not only is it a general safety concern, but it also means that your garage door opener could be nearly 20 years old or older, which means your door could have other mechanical issues.

2) Your garage door opener was installed 15+ years ago

As your garage door opener ages, it will inevitably become less effective, and less reliable. It may slow down, become louder, and safety systems may start to fail. There are stickers on both your garage door and its opener that should tell you the date of installation. If that date is 15 or more years ago, there’s a greater chance that mechanical problems will soon arise.

3) Your garage door opener makes a loud noise while opening or closing.

In general, older garage door openers are louder than newer models. While your opener could just be naturally loud, if it has started making an even louder, grating noise while it opens or closes, it could be a sign of a number of larger mechanical issues that need to be addressed.

4) Your garage door won’t open or close at all

A broken garage door torsion spring.
A broken torsion spring could be the reason your door won’t open.

Eventually, an old opener will break down to the point that your garage door won’t open or close at all. While this could be due to a broken torsion spring, or an issue with your remote control, it also could mean it’s time to replace your opener altogether. If your garage door system won’t open or close, it’s best to call a professional to diagnose the problem.

5) You need a better security system for your home & garage

Older garage door openers are simply less secure than newer ones. If your garage door opener is up-to-date, it will have PIN codes and locking features that are significantly harder to breach than the rudimentary systems on an old model. If you’re worried about theft or robbery in your neighborhood, you may want to consider upgrading to a new opener, even if your old opener is still running great.

6) The manufacturer is no longer in business

If your garage door opener’s manufacturer has gone out of business, it could be difficult to repair or replace parts as mechanical issues arise. That’s why at PNG Garage Doors, we only use the best garage door brands such as Lift Master, CHI Overhead Doors, Amarr, and more. If you’re able to easily replace parts as they break, it will inevitably extend the lifespan of your garage door opener.

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Need to diagnose a mechanical issue? Looking to upgrade to a newer garage door opener system? Get a quote on your project today, or call (720) 982-7622 for an honest assessment of your garage door needs. We’re your source for garage door opener repair in Denver.

About the author

A Colorado native, Paul Galligan founded PNG Garage Doors as an alternative to the big corporations serving the Denver Metro Area. Front Range clients needed a local option — someone who could offer competitive pricing without national overhead, personalized attention on every project, and experience with Colorado’s particular weather conditions.